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Clean up your act With surly chap barbers

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All haircuts include: a hot-lather, straight-razor neck shave and line-up with a splash of aftershave. As well as eyebrow, nose, and ear clean up, if necessary.

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Beard Trims

We trim and shape the beard to your liking. Add a razor line up if you also want a hot towel and straight-razor to the neck and cheeks.

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Our face and head shaves include 2 passes, both hot and cold towels, pre-shave, shave cream, aftershave lotion, and powder. We use Crown Shaving Co. products with all our signature shaves.

Our Services

It's a barbershop

We cut hair.
we trim beards.
we shave faces.
Come on in

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Location & Hours

1410 S 13th St, Omaha, NE 68108
Monday - Closed
Tuesday - 9AM–6PM
Wednesday - 9AM–6PM
Thursday - 9AM–6PM
Friday - 9AM–6PM
Saturday - 9AM–3PM
Sunday - Closed
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